Colombian designer, lawyer specializing in commercial Law, graduated in fashion and visual merchandising at the European Institute of IED Design in Barcelona. Recognized as one of the most important designers in her country. Isabel has managed to consolidate her brand and style in strong ways within Colombian and Latin fashion alike. She has been recognized by the magazine Gerente as one of the 100 leaders of Colombian society, and has managed to work with global brands such as DISNEY. Isabel was the Latin American designer in charge of creating a collection for them, inspired by Mickey Mouse.


Her creations are linked to independent and strong fashion concepts. Creating original ready to wear pieces that emerge from the fusion between the urban and the classical, in a style defined by the creator herself as “informal elegance”. In each collection there has been a special emphasis on the care of details, innovation, and the creation of new techniques. quality, experimentation of materials and being faithful to the strong and contemporary character is what Isabel Caviedes represents. Currently her collections are sold with great success in Colombia, México, Perú and Panamá.